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Lash mapping for success part 2. Common lash maps explained - LeCil

Lash mapping for success part 2. Common lash maps explained

Now we have our eye shape... lets lash map!

Are you looking to enhance your natural beauty with a fresh, stunning lash look? Eyelash maps are the latest innovation in the world of DIY eyelash extensions, making it easier than ever to create your perfect lash style. In this quick guide, we'll explore what eyelash maps are and how they can transform your beauty game!

What are Eyelash Maps?

Eyelash maps are pre-designed templates that showcase various lash extension styles, lengths, and volumes. They serve as a visual guide to help you select and apply lash extensions, ensuring a flawless finish every time. With a wide range of styles available, eyelash maps cater to every preference, from natural and subtle to bold and dramatic.

Benefits of Using Eyelash Maps

  • Customizable: Eyelash maps offer endless possibilities for customization, allowing you to mix and match styles to create your unique lash look.
  • Easy-to-apply: With a clear visual guide, applying lash extensions has never been simpler. Achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home.
  • Time-saving: Eyelash maps eliminate the guesswork, making it quicker and more efficient to create your desired lash style.

See below the most popular DIY eyelash extension lash maps and the eyes shapes they are most suited to. 




Lashes gradually increase in length towards the outer eye edges.

SUITS: Almond. close set, round & downturned.





Similar lash lengths along the entire eye.

SUITS: Almond & upturned.

- -


The longest lashes span the mid 3rd of the eyelid giving an open, rounder appearance.

SUITS: Almond & wideset.





The longest lashes create a peak just outside of the midpoint of the lid

SUITS: Almond, round, close-set, downturned & monolid.


Want to see some eyelash maps on actual eyes? Check out our shoppable eyelash map library now! 

Get lash mapping with LeCil DIY eyelashes now!

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