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Lash mapping for success part 1. Eye shape - LeCil

Lash mapping for success part 1. Eye shape

Find your ideal LeCil lash map



Firstly, there are no rules to lash mapping. At the end of the day, do exactly what YOU like and what makes YOU feel good. That said, if you want a few pointers on lash mapping for your eye shape then read on lovely!




First step - identify your eye shape



Upturned eyes LeCil DIY lash mapping  

Upturned eyes can be paired with several different lash maps, the almond shaped is the most common one that is paired with upturned eyes. If you are going for the dramatic look, you can accentuate your eye shape with a cat eye. For more of an everyday look, try lashes that fan out evenly across the eyes.

- -
Focus on accentuating the outer corners to lift and lengthen the eyes. Opt for shorter lashes on the inner corner, increasing to longer lashes toward the outer corner. Close set eyes LeCil DIY eyelash extensions
- -
Wide set eye lash map LeCil DIY eyelash extensions

With wide set eyes, you want the focus to be drawn to the inner corners of the eyes to create

an illusion that the eyes are closer together. It's best to avoid "cat eye" lashes.

- -
For a look that will draw attention to the eyes in the best way, the downturned eye is the perfect shape for a luscious and voluminous cat-eye look. Placing longer lashes in the outer corner will give the eye a lifted appearance and create length along the lash line. Downturned eyelash extensions map LeCil
- -
Monolid eyelash map DIY lecil eyelash extensions Monolid eyes often naturally have straight lashes, choose a style with more flare for openness and length on the outer corners, this will create an illusion of elongated eyes.
- -
The middle of the eye should be the focus with hooded eyes, You want to create a depth effect that will open the eyes at the center and giving them the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes. Eyelash DIY extensions map LeCil hooded eye shape
- -
Round eye DIY eyelash extensions LeCil To magnify the round eye shape adding length to the corners will create a multi-layer, voluminous effect, also known as the cat eye effect.
- -
Almond Eye shape can carry off any DIY extension style. Depending on the look you are going for this eye shape is very versatile and any style will compliment your eye shape. Almond eye lash map LeCil DIY eyelash extensions
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  • Sally Irene

    Thought the mapping tutorial was very educational and nicely explained, although the pictorial part didn’t seem show much difference between the maps.

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