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LUX vs SAVVY: Comparing LeCil Premium Pre-Cut and DIY Uncut Lash Clusters - LeCil

LUX vs SAVVY: Comparing LeCil Premium Pre-Cut and DIY Uncut Lash Clusters

LeCil LUX Lash Clusters: Premium Pre-Cut Convenience

LUX lash clusters by LeCil are our premium option, meticulously pre-cut and ready to use for a hassle-free application. These high-quality lash clusters save you time and effort, ensuring a flawless and seamless look every time.

LeCil SAVVY Lash Clusters: Uncut Ribbons for Customization and Value

SAVVY lash clusters by LeCil come as uncut ribbons, allowing you to tailor them to your specific preferences. While they require a bit more effort to cut and shape, SAVVY lashes offer more bang for your buck, as you receive more lashes for the price.

Comparing LeCil LUX and SAVVY: Quality and Cost-Effectiveness

Both LeCil LUX and SAVVY lash clusters provide outstanding quality and durability. The main difference lies in their design and customization options. LUX lashes are perfect for those who want a ready-to-use, time-saving solution, while SAVVY lashes cater to beauty enthusiasts seeking a cost-effective, customizable option.


Whether you prefer the convenience of pre-cut LeCil LUX lash clusters or the value and customization offered by LeCil SAVVY uncut ribbons, both options deliver exceptional quality for stunning, long-lasting lashes. Choose the one that best fits your needs and elevate your lash game today!

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