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Which LeCil BOND is best for me? - LeCil

Which LeCil BOND is best for me?

LeCil DIY Eyelash Extensions - Comparing Different BONDs

LeCil DIY Eyelash Extensions - Comparing Different BONDs

Hello lash babes! We have the perfect BOND options tailored just for you. Designed to be safe, flexible, and easy to use, let's explore the unique benefits of each LeCil BOND:

the OG Bond - The Perfect Choice 

If you're new to the world of eyelash extensions, our original Bond is the ideal option for nearly everyone. It offers a slower curing time of 48 hours, providing a relaxed and comfortable experience for your DIY journey. When applied correctly and allowed to cure, the Regular Bond ensures a delightful 10 days of wear. Plus, its easy-to-wash-off formula allows for hassle-free removal of lash clusters, enabling you to reuse them with ease. More than 95% of LeCil customers achieve excellent results with BOND.

We understand that different factors can affect lash retention, such as weather conditions, application skill, lifestyle, sleeping position, and individual variation in natural eyelid oils. To address these variations, we have two specialized BOND options available.

BOND X - Enhance Your Lash Retention 

When faced with challenges like weather or other lifestyle factors, BOND X comes to the rescue. While not intended as a standalone BOND, it is specifically designed to be layered with the Regular Bond. By incorporating BOND X into your application process, you can enhance the durability of the Regular Bond against these variables. Enjoy improved lash retention and confidently conquer any situation. Discover the secret weapon preferred by our experienced customers.

BOND DUO - The Ultimate Solution

Introducing BOND DUO, the viral lash glue star that has taken the DIY lash community by storm. This standalone product offers unmatched strength and an accelerated curing time (literally only a few hours). With BOND DUO, your lashes stay flawlessly in place for up to two weeks, ensuring you always look and feel your best. BOND DUO is perfect for our experienced users who can manage the faster curing time and increased effort to remove/clean. Experience the sensational results that have made BOND DUO a beloved choice among DIY enthusiasts.

Remember, for optimal performance, every BOND product requires SEAL to initiate the curing process. Follow our detailed application instructions to unlock the full potential of your LeCil DIY eyelash extensions.

Choose the BOND that suits your style and experience level, and embrace the captivating beauty of LeCil DIY eyelash extensions!

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  • Bec

    I think that you may be applying a little too much seal. I am quite new to DIY lashes and I found that I had slight sensitivity and redness when I applied seal to the top and bottom of my lashes I had excess that was also visible. The less is more approach has worked for me and even despite humidity I have managed to keep them on and looking great for the full 10 days. Apply a very tiny amount of the seal not touching the eye. Hope this helps lovely 😍

  • Jodie

    I’m loving wearing these lashes but for two to three days after I apply them I’m getting what seems like glue in my eyes. They sting and are slightly red. I feel like I’m applying the littlest but of the bond. Any ideas to stop this? I’m using bond duo

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