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About us



At the core of LeCil is Melissa, me.. hi! (Although I'm Mel unless I'm in trouble!) I'm just an everyday Aussie woman trying to do it all. Balancing life as a mum, a practicing vet, a wife, and a friend. Feeling like I'm failing at it all & slowly becoming more and more invisible behind all those labels....Sound familiar?

But here's the truth that I learned the hard way gorgeous...

You can't pour from an empty cup

The LeCil products were initially just something I created for myself. Then my friends starting asking for them, then my friend's friends, & my friend's friend's friends. Then I knew I had to risk it all and take LeCil all the way.

Because after all, everyone deserves to feel good & if a swipe of glue & a few lashes can make your day a bit better... then I want to make that happen for you... like yesterday!

Much love..... Mel

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